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A short game for anyone who finds they have long gaps in-between sessions for tabletop games like D&D. Players take on the role of typical background characters in the adventurer's world. Enjoying a drink after a long day at work, you shoot the breeze and tell each other rumours about the madcap adventurers that smashed through town. 

It serves as a way to recap what's happened so far, but also to tweak aspects of the world or characters that players might want to change. Rumours can get boosted by other players adding to the story or thrown by the wayside. 


All that's needed are the rules (download the PDF), pens, a D6 for each player, and three small pieces of paper (roughly A5 should be fine) for each player, not including the DM/bartender. When I ran this, I made coasters to match the menu that had the rules in, but that's definitely not necessary. You can skin it to work in any world you create.


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